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Anxieties in Performance? Watch video above!


Set your own agenda and learn from a master in the field with over 30 years of experience as a world class performer. Develop effective practice strategies, time management skills, warm-up routines, anxiety management techniques and much more.


Live performance isn’t just restricted to the performing arts. People in many areas of their professional lives, whether in interviews, exams, lectures or staff presentations, all require dependable performance strategies . Using her groundbreaking OPC algorithm, Victoria will give guidance from which to develop effective strategies to mange both practical and psychological aspects related to performance.


Victoria is available to coach groups of all sizes: chamber groups, wind sectional, or group mentoring. Sessions aim to encourage positive dialogue and productive rehearsal outcomes, bringing together shared musical intentions and effective rehearsal techniques.


Victoria’s lectures illustrate how players can use established, scientific principles to develop a solid, personal framework for practice and performance. Utilising knowledge gained through her Masters in Performance Science and ongoing research, she brings valuable and trusted insights into her lectures.


Read up on some of Victoria's fantastic performances, workshops, concerts and collaborations spanning throughout her illustrious and successful career as an acclaimed, world class clarinetist.

Samek Music

Samek Music