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Victoria's graduation

Victoria is clarinet professor for Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and tutor of clarinet for Goldsmiths College. She is also invited to lecture and runs courses in her specialist area of practice organisation and performance related topics and concerns. She has a Masters in Performance Science, a qualification she gained from Royal College of Music’s prestigious and innovative course.

Victoria gives lectures on performance related topics including anxiety, practice organisation and practice and performance strategies.

Her unique insight as a performer, teacher and most recently her increased knowledge in the field of science and her ongoing research brings together the critical components which will be of huge relevance, value and give motivation to all.

All lectures are supported by PowerPoints. Delegates will receive printed material to support appropriately the lecture, together with a further reading list.

Other lecture topics can include:

  • Organising and managing  clear and effective daily technical warmups
  • Building a vocabulary basis for positive self-evaluation and self-reporting 
  • The journey from practice to performance; the science approach
  • Motivation; the barriers to practical action; 
  • The complexities of time management; being busy or being effective! 
  • Psychology in Performance; the balance between science and emotion.
  • An honest presentation devoted to Injury recovery (physical or mental).


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Samek Music

Samek Music