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Victoria's graduation

As a performer and professor combined with her knowledge in the field of science; through her Masters in Performance Science and ongoing research. These give her a unique insight in the field of lecturing. She is also not afraid to draw on her own personal life challenges which combined with her professional life has contributed to the development of this new approach which she simply calls OPC – Organise-Prioritise-Commit.

Within an inspirational talk supported by a visually supportive PowerPoint, Victoria’s lectures draw from specially selected science theories and models This supports solid principals in promoting a new and innovative structured framework for practice from which a blueprint of instruction for performance is based.

Her lectures give motivation a whole new meaning, as she combines her own inspirational story with practical and pragmatic strategies in supporting and managing all areas of life performance.


Suggested lectures topics to include:

  • Building a vocabulary basis for positive self-evaluation and self-reporting
  • The journey from practice to performance; the science approach
  • Motivation; the barriers to practical action
  • The complexities of time management; being busy or being effective!
  • Psychology in Performance; the balance between science and emotion
  • An honest presentation devoted to Injury recovery – physical and psychological


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Samek Music

Samek Music