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This Green Tide

This Green Tide


Elisabeth Lutyens Valediction, This Green Tide; Richard Rodney Bennett Crosstalk; Egon Wellesz Zwei Stücke; Arnold Cook Suite for three clarinets; John Mayer Dance Suite, Raga Music for solo clarinet; Morris Pert Eoastrion


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Georgina Dobrée – clarinets & basset horn
With Thea King – clarinet & basset horn, Daphne Down – basset horn, Susan Bradshaw and Morris Pert – piano

Here for the first time on CD is a collection of performances by the highly noted English clarinettist Georgina Dobrée. Drawn from the LPs first issued in the 1970s and 1980s, they include items of great interest including many first recordings. This CD will be prized not only by clarinet enthusiasts, but also to lovers of 20th century music.

Two highly important works by Elisabeth Lutyens – taken from the premier L.P recording of these works.

Original and highly entertaining works by the Indian composer, John Mayer.

Morris Pert – one time drummer with Phil Collins and Brand X, whose piece Eoastrian requires the player to use, in addition to the soprano Eb clarinet, a swanee whistle.

Following on from our earlier collection by Colin Bradbury, this disc of recordings from the LP era provides a fascinating survey of music from our own time.

“It’s more than fitting that these performances should resurface on a label called Clarinet Classics since this is no less than a glowing example of how the instrument should be played.”

Full listing
Elisabeth Lutyens – Valediction & This Green Tide; Richard Rodney Bennett – Crosstalk; Egon Wellesz – Zwei Stucke; Arnold Cooke – Suite for Three Clarinets; John Mayer – Dance Suite & Raga Music for Solo Clarinet; Morris Pert – Eoastrion.

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Playing Time: 76 mins.


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