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Samek Music is offering an ever expanding library of videos. Initiated as platform to present a more personal perspective of the composers and artists connected to the recordings and publications, videos will be expanding into education. Covering many diverse topics, Victoria’s individual approach promises to be thought provoking making these videos an invaluable resource for learning.


Written by Victoria from a deeply honest perspective many readers will identify with many of the topics provoking a pause for thought and self-reflection. It is not always what we do, but how we do what we do, the intention and the motive to which self-awareness is fundamental in pursuit of performance and life goals. It is within these blogs you will get a personal insight of the person behind the player, the teacher, the writer, the entrepreneur in her striving for excellence while managing human fragility. Enjoy reading over 60 blogs, many accompanied with beautifully chosen illustrations.


Podcasts have become a popular medium giving the opportunity to combine the spoken word with musical illustrations. While the written word can be deeply personal, to hear the author speaking, with the tone of their voice exuding intention and emotion on the particular topic, adds a whole other enticing level. You will have the chance to hear personal introductions and musical illustrations offering a personal insight to some of the artists and composers. In addition, Victoria is currently recording podcasts for every recording in the catalogue. Her infectious enthusiasm is clearly evident in the many product podcasts recorded so far. Never forgetting the value placed on learning, you will have the opportunity to hear the voice behind the methods, systems as well as reflections to which Victoria’s distinctive approach embracing art and science has become synonymous with her approach to performance as well as her teaching and coaching of others.


Victoria enjoys the status of D’Addario Performing Artist as well as endorsee for Selmer Paris. Always respecting the choice of the individual, Victoria offers some detailed information about her chosen kit along with analytical reasoning of what she looks for and expects from her chosen products. The importance of articulating these demands in words is not always easy, but extremely important! Whether to entice some players to explore further or a prompt in helping individuals to articulate their expectations, this page will have much for the curious.

Samek Music

Samek Music