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A Force to Empower – Harnessing the sparks to empower each small step in extending your capabilities

A Force to Empower

Many people will have experienced the emotional effects resulting from the anticipation of an impending task or event. Irrespective of whether the task or event was set by you or willingly accepted from another, in every sense you have taken ownership in a spirit of committed agreement. That is the assumption, but not always the reality, as the starting point for good intentions could have originated from an infectious enthusiasm from another or self-generated, at a time when your emotional state was particularly positive; where optimism enabled you to extend your comfort zone.

This is the time we want to harness this gift of unbridled energy, this force of passion which has given us the courage to dare feel that we have the capability to extend our capabilities and therefore extend the boundaries of our comfort-zone is cherished. All too easily the incredible opportunity this spark of electrifying proportions, this gust of infinite strength to carry us over the start line, if not harnessed and nurtured, can as easily be lost. What I am describing, while not in real terms alluding to a firework display but rather more comparable to the tinniest glow from newly lit fire, the almost imperceptible tug from a kite. None-the less the force to empower us with capabilities once considered unthinkable or unimaginable relies in three essential ingredients: a motive, a process and self-worth.

Motive is essential in fuelling and sustaining motivation, particularly important when we meet resistance, doubts or fear of failure which are all too ready to hijack our motivation and determination. Having a solid case for the motive and its relatedness to some aspect of what we want to have and the value we place on its ownership makes motive a key ingredient.

Process is fundamental in creating an agenda from which to establish systematics steps directing clear and incisive goals. Recognition of competence and feeling a sense of reward in fulfilling the small incremental steps is essential in sustaining motivation, while resisting negativity and impatience. Process generates a positive attitude driving purpose.

Self-worth lies at the very heart of how we see ourselves. Resulting from the influential relationships we’ve had from family or teachers, individuals, friendship groups or work-related colleagues, all will play a part in defining how we perceive ourselves. Seemingly in abundance for some and lacking in another, self-worth exists in each and every person. A fragile flame which requires constant nurturing and care in an environment of self-respect.

To pretend that doubts and fears, risk and anxieties lurk in the shadows, even when the full force of exuberance is being felt, is tantamount to another form of hijacking, self-denial. By bringing these whispering voices out of the shadows their destructive power will be replaced by constructive understanding enabling motive, process and self-worth the force to empower you in all your endeavours – even the once unimaginable!

Samek Music

Samek Music