Samek Music

Luis Barroso

Luis Barroso was born in Madrid in 1960. He studied composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid where he also studied modern harmony, arrangements, and music for audio-visuals.

A versatile composer, his music covers different genres and styles. He has written symphonic music, chamber music, concertos for guitar and orchestra, music for solo guitar, piano, string quartets, trios, and duos. In addition, he has composed music for Short Films, Soundtrack Orchestrator, Pop Songs, Sporting Events and Musical Theatre.

He loves to analyse very different music, hence his versatility. Bach, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Falla, Gershwin, Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Williams Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Genesis as well as popular music from the regions of Spain and the world.

His music is clear, direct and with a clear purpose of being elaborated, well written, that pleases and interests the performer and communicates with the listener.