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Victoria Samek

Victoria Samek is a critically acclaimed international artist, a highly respected teacher and a thoughtful and caring mentor. Combining breath-taking technicality and musical integrity in her performances and recordings she is driven by her commitment to musical excellence. Victoria is also founder and director of international recording and publishing company Clarinet & Saxophone Classics, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017.

The power of communication in performance, the discipline of practice and the love of music through her chosen instruments have all shaped her musical career. Holder of a Masters in Performance Science from the Royal College of Music, she teaches and lectures on practice preparation and working with and understanding the anxieties related to performance. Using her own unique approach informed by science, developed from a lifetime of experience, her ground-breaking and cutting-edge approach – Organise-Prioritise-Commit; The Practice and Performance Process, OPC is set to revolutionize practice and performance for the 21st century performer.


Born of Czech and Hungarian parents, she was a pupil at The Purcell School and studied clarinet with Roger Fallows before winning a Foundation Scholarship to the Royal College of Music studying clarinet with Colin Bradbury and bass clarinet and saxophone with Steve Trier. She later studied clarinet with Antony Pay. Prize winner of the prestigious Frederick Thurston Memorial Prize, she graduated with honours.

Victoria is a D’Addario Performing Artist and an official endorsee for Selmer Paris.



Samek Music

Samek Music