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Beginner to advanced, amateur to professional, all can benefit from her holistic and inspirational approach, which responds to questions such as ‘where do I start?" and ‘why do anxieties seem to take over?" Alongside her extensive experience as performer and teacher, you will benefit from her ground-breaking approach Organise-Prioritise-Commit; The Practice and Performance Process. Frustrations and confusions will be replaced by a systematic and methodical process  supporting effective and purposeful practice strategies from which a committed and confident performance will be secured.


Great demands and expectations are placed on practice to secure successful performance, but often without consideration of the process itself. Everyone can benefit from Victoria's ground-breaking and inspirational approach Organise-Prioritise-Commit: The Practice and Performance Process. Beginner to advanced, professional or amateur, from stage to exam, for interview or presentation. Its strength is its simplicity in responding to questions such as ‘where do I start?’ and ‘why do anxieties seem to take over?’ Victoria’s sensitive and skilled approach will guide the individual to organise and prioritise their OPC process.


Victoria is available to coach groups of all sizes: chamber groups, wind sectional, or group mentoring. Sessions aim to encourage positive dialogue and productive rehearsal outcomes, bringing together shared musical intentions and effective rehearsal techniques.


As a masters graduate from the Royal College of Music Victoria has continued to research and explore the theories and methods of performance science. Recognising the significance of performance science and its impact for the player in re-thinking traditional approaches to practice and performance, she has spent three years developing a ground-breaking approach. She is now sharing this work with performers all over the world. Her introductory talk will take you on her personal journey combining nuggets from science punctuated by live performance that will leave audiences enthralled.


Read up on some of Victoria's fantastic performances, workshops, concerts and collaborations spanning throughout her illustrious and successful career as an acclaimed, world class clarinetist.

Samek Music

Samek Music