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The Clarinet and Saxophone and Composers Evolution

The Samek Music Learners Evolution


Clarinettists and Saxophonists and Composers

…to motivate practice and performance

 inspire creativity 

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Launching on January 30th | 2022 |  A Year Round Resource of Classes and Sharing!

 Evolution Directors – Victoria Samek & Chris Jolly with Associate Artist – Paul Harris

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Recognising the wonderfully rich and often inspirational relationship between composers and players and performers with composers, Samek Music Learners will be given the opportunity to share in this relationship and the impact it has for both players and composers.

Classes – Resources – Sharing

  • Composers are invited to share their works via the google classroom for performers to play.
  • Composers and Players are invited to collaborate via Google Classroom 
  • World Premiere performances by course directors and guest artists 
  • Access to an ever growing library of new and unpublished historical repertoire in Google Classroom 
  • Choose Your Part Chamber-Music with pre-recorded duos, trios and quartets and music 
  • Associate Composer Rob Keeley and Associate Young Composer George Shrapnell 


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Launching 12.30 January 30th on the Samek Music YouTube Channel!!

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


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Samek Music

Samek Music