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Impulse or Intuition – A Small Difference of Significant Proportions

Impulse or Intuition (Blog)

Even beyond the world of music and the arts intuition is regarded as the jewel in performance that far supersedes the value placed on a reasoned and calculated response. Yet in the grip of what might be thought of as an intuitive response, why would the idea of applying some scrutiny be considered as somehow diminishing and demeaning? Yet to be sure that impulse is not behind an action, scrutiny must surely be an imperative ensuring intuition is not impulse in disguise.

Scrutiny is neither the killer nor the inhibitor of intuition but rather the vehicle which will elevate intuition to the most extraordinary capabilities of human creativity and sensitivity. In that way ensure that the ‘in the moment’ inspirational act is worthy of the name. Intuition will then be a gem in the treasure-chest to be appropriately selected and applied with care, supported by the intellect of one who truly knows its worth.

Impulse is a life saving quality which most of us are born with and is with us throughout our lives. We can therefore take no credit for its powers but can only marvel at its tremendous and lightning speed capabilities to save us from harm. In times of danger an impulsive reaction is quite literally tuned in to our survival mechanism but perceiving all threats as life-threatening can lead to the destruction of ourselves, others, or both!

Intuition is a response with responsibility connected to the Neocortex, our Reasoning and Thinking Brain. Impulse is an instinctive reaction with its source rooted in the Primal brain and therefore can make no distinction between danger and threat. But the boundary between intuition and impulse in the heat of the moment is exceptionally fine, compounded by the fact that decisions come from the Limbic System or Emotional Brain and therefore can so easily be overpowered by our ‘Primal’ impulses.

There are eminently robust mechanisms available for quick decisions, which will draw on our Intellectual Thinking Brain while safely also using the invaluable resources of the Limbic System or Emotional Brain. While these require training investment, the rewards far from devaluing intuition will ensure its true value is realised.

It is for this reason scrutiny must be applied as an imperative to ensure we are using an intuitive response and not a reactive impulse. From the performing arts to teaching and lectures, professional and corporate settings to presentations and motivational speeches. By combining the forces of our creative and imaginative sensitivity with the immense powers of intellectual reasoning afforded to humans, the priceless gem of intuition can truly shine, the jewel in the crown of performance.