Samek Music


Victoria's graduation



Victoria is not only a performer and professor; through her Masters in Performance Science and ongoing research, she brings a unique insight to her lectures.

Lectures topics might include:

  • Building a vocabulary basis for positive self-evaluation and self-reporting
  • The journey from practice to performance; the science approach
  • Motivation; the barriers to practical action
  • The complexities of time management; being busy or being effective!
  • Psychology in Performance; the balance between science and emotion
  • Organisation of tasks and goals in the process from practice preparation to practice realization
  • An honest presentation devoted to injury recovery – physical and psychological

Supported by powerful visuals, Victoria’s lectures which combine her personal story and her experience with a lifetime performing and recording to demonstrate how performers can embrace scientific  principles, models and theories from which to develop a greater understanding in pursuit of establishing a solid, personally owned approach for practice and performance.

Drawing on her personal life challenges as well as her professional life, Victoria has developed a new approach to practice and performance which she calls OPC – Organise, Prioritise, Commit.



“Art is about expression and imagination, science gives principles and reasoning. It is the combined force of art and science which makes for a harmonious partnership”. Samek 2016