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      Introducing Lessons (2) - Victoria Samek

Instrumental Lesson
Clarinet(s) or Saxophone(s)

With over 35 years of experience as a performer, professor and mentor with a Masters in Performance Science. Benefit from her ground-breaking algorithm from which to develop your methodical strategies to enhance efficiency and understanding in practice from which to fulfill your performance goals. 

Her insightful approach and human sensitivity alongside her infectious enthusiasm is the hallmark of Victoria’s holistic approach to teaching.

Suggested topics include:

  • Systematic methods in pursuit of technical and musical fulfillment from beginner to advanced
  • Developing an effective daily warm-up routine; the root of a healthy player
  • Musicality and interpretation
  • Managing anxieties related to performance including concerts and exams
  • Repertoire and programme guidance
  • The art of doubling – some useful tips
  • How to evaluate the most suitable reed and/or mouthpiece

To organise practice tasks into manageable goals enhances determination and discipline in practice driving control and commitment in performance 

  • Students of all ages are welcome to book a session
  • Sessions to be held at Victoria’s London music room or request a venue of your choice
  • Student are welcome to set their own agenda
  • Sessions are typically 60 to 75 minutes 
  • Followup sheets from the lesson are included each visit

Teaching is the most privileged position of serving another human being in their desire for the pursuit of excellence, a value which is at the core of my philosophy

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" I want to thank you for the excellent lessons to date which I always look forward to. I am delighted with my progress this year. I feel that I have embraced your basic concepts of teaching and managed to incorporate them into my learning processes with great benefit I now have a solid practice schedule that can react to time constraints, yet remain positive and a greater sense of knowing what needs to be done in order to improve".  Sara (Adult Learner)

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


Samek Music

Samek Music