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Practice and Performance Coach

Practice and Performance Coach

Perform at your Peak!

As distinct from teaching, coaching is discussion-based without an instrument. It is offered not only to musicians, but any individual facing concerns relating to performance demands in their professional lives.

  • Students or professionals of all ages are welcome to book a session
  • Particular specialism in preparation support for auditions and interviews  
  • Sessions to be held at Victoria’s London music room or request a venue of your choice
  • Sessions are also available via phone or Skype
  • Sessions are typically 90 minutes

Live performance isn’t restricted to the performing arts. People in business, academia, industry, retail, healthcare, hospitality all need dependable, reliable performance strategies.

Sessions involve the guidance and management of both practical and anxieties related to performance. With a unique perspective drawn from her combined experience as performing artist, teacher and lecturer with her academic research and writing, Victoria is able to respond to individuals with a pragmatic, holistic and methodical approach.

Victoria’s experience in coaching includes musicians from the Royal Military School of Music, Students, professional players, actors and individuals preparing for interviews and auditions.

Combining artistic creativity with science rational, punctuated by theories, models giving contextual understanding to identify and label, her new and ground breaking method is set to transform how science is perceived within the performing arts by putting the precepts of performance science and its significant practical value into the hands of the practitioner. You can benefit from her experience and personal insights.  

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Victoria has gained the trust of those who have spoken to her.

‘As a professional musician who has suffered with acute performance anxiety, particularly with auditions, I have found Victoria’s explanation of the OPC method to be a revelation. It is allowing me, through thinking scientifically and check-listing, to cut out the negative internal dialogue and preconceptions and focus purely on the job of music making. In the past I would have thought that the act of working in this manner would inhibit my playing even more but it has had quite the opposite effect and I would really recommend this system to anyone who has similar problems.’ 

After each mentoring session, Victoria will send a follow-up sheet. This would normally include a summary of the session, clarification of topics where needed and any relevant further readings or studies felt appropriate.

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


Samek Music

Samek Music