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Practice to Performance

            Practice to Performance 

 September 26th 2021 | 12.20 – 5.30

Course Directors – Victoria Samek & Chris Jolly

Associate Artist – Paul Harris

          Guest Artist – To be announced           

Designed for students or professionals of all ages and levels to:



Sustaining motivation and purpose during these unpresented times can be extremely difficult. This course which takes place every two months,  is designed specifically to give structure and guidance in developing a purposeful practice routine and creating an opportunity for performance  via a digital platform. 

From the moment you book, you can enjoy learning resources for practice, ideas for performance project to share as pre-recorded MP3 or MP4 with your fellow participants. Help and guidance in preparation for recording and sending recorded files will be available from the team. However sharing your pre-recorder performance is totally voluntary.  


Paul Harris – Associate Artist      Rob Keeley – Associate Composer                      

  • NEW –  Receive a copy of your concert performance branded with course logo, date and title  
  • FANTASTIC OFFER – Group of 3 Booking Discount
  • FANTASTIC COMBO –  30 minute individual lesson with VictoriaChris or Paul
  • INSPIRE & MOTIVATE  – Google Classroom resources available from the moment you book!
  • INVIGORATE – Choose a part to play in the growing library of Lockdown Chamber-Music  
  • LISTEN to LEARN –  A World Premiere at every course by resident composer Rob Howat 
  • OPPORTUNITY – Resident Repairer David Fingerhut to give advice on the day! 


                                         Jérôme Laran was our Guest Artist on July 25th       

All courses will cover these six categories with a range of topics within…

Repertoire …from pieces to studies and exercises, and an agenda of repertoire for warmups to selecting a recital, exam or audition programme. Repertoire is our resource.

Chris delivers a practical session on how to decipher a jazz lead sheet

Technical… from facility, agility and reliability, via fingering dependability, clarity and speed of articulation, to breath sustainability and stamina. Ever extending technical prowess.

Musicianship…from essential theory to its practical integration within practice and performance; from interpretation to applying musical intention. Musicianship is the essence of a musician.

Guests Renowned players, voices from academia, technical specialists and composers. Guests will encompass excellence and diversity.

Knowledge Nuggets …from companies introducing new products, books and resources to artists sharing an insight, a discovery, or new initiatives within education or fitness advice. Knowledge in nuggets!

Science and Creativity …from theories and concepts in performance science that give reason and understanding, to the appropriate integration of intuitive spontaneity. Science and creativity in partnership.

With practice and performance firmly on the agenda, enjoy a taster of what you can expect! 



Price options from £65.00 to £240.00    

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Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


Samek Music

Samek Music