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Bonk! – Chris Jolly

Bonk! – Chris Jolly


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June Emerson: 2 baritone saxophones version

A few words from Chris Jolly

BONK! is a duet that features an ever developing groove built up between the 2 performers. It’s staggered opening evolves into a driving and pulsating mix of rich bass and floating lyrical sounds that highlight the range of the instrument it was intended for.

The piece can be performed as a duet of equal instruments or with the option to perform this as a soloist and track which is available upon request or recorded by the performer beforehand. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different ways of presenting this piece within a performance. Chris Jolly (2019)

Score Sample from Bonk!

      Audio Sample from Bonk!

Scoring: 2 baritone saxophones
Standard: advanced
Duration: 4 minutes


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