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Samek Music is offering an ever expanding library of videos which include classes and lectures from the Samek Music Learning team and spoken introductions and musical snippets from the Clarinet & Saxophone Classics Recording catalogue. Publications are presented with samples from the scores, some composers presenting their compositions and musical snippets. In addition you can enjoy interviews from the artists, composers and trade partners - much to explore!


With a lifetime of experience as a performing artist, teacher, mentor with a Masters in Performance Science, Victoria offers practical pathways of learning on a wide range of topics for musicians of all ages and levels. In an expanding library of podcasts, other artists, academics and individuals outside of the performing arts will be invited to share their knowledge, thoughts and practical guidance. With lively interviews, these podcasts will offer much to the curious listener.


Written from a deeply honest perspective giving pause for thought and self-reflection, It is within these blogs you will get a personal insight of the person behind the player, the teacher, the writer, the entrepreneur in her striving for excellence in pursuit of performance and life goals while managing her emotional fragility. In a profession where compromised psychological wellbeing is often kept secret fearing loss of credibility these blogs are shared to encourage openness.


Victoria enjoys the status of D’Addario Performing Artist as well as endorsee for Selmer Paris. Always respecting the choice of the individual, Victoria offers some detailed information about her chosen kit along with analytical reasoning of what she looks for and expects from her chosen products. The importance of articulating these demands in words is not always easy, but extremely important! Defining her choices might help players to articulate their expectations.

Samek Music

Samek Music