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Self-Worth & Self-Belief – to cultivate alongside technique

While few would dispute the importance of investing time within their practice to ensure dependable and secure technique will support their playing. The same could not be said for recognising the role of self-worth and self-belief as equally important not only to the health and wellbeing of the player, but as pivotal in securing a desired outcome. Whether for a forthcoming performance, exam, rehearsal or simply to support you goal, to learn a piece of music which you have always wanted to play.

Self-worth and self-belief are the backbone, the foundation, the very roots on which technicality, musicality, fluency, accuracy and almost every element that is valued in the learning objective is based. For some players irrespective of age, level, experience, professional or amateur, self-worth and self-belief are more interwoven in their personality. But for others these are characteristics which might to some degree exists in certain areas of their lives, feel they are nowhere to be seen when it comes to their musical life! Whichever scenarios resonates more strongly, self-worth and self-belief must be nurtured and developed as deliberately as technique and interwoven into the very fabric of the practice process.

This might seem a curious if perhaps confusing to compare technique which is so clear and tangible with an ostensibly psychological state of mind or sense of being. Recognising and acknowledging the smallest elements as goals which have been accomplished, are the nourishment from which self-worth and self-belief will grow and prosper. This will nourish not only the health, determination, and resilience of you the player but empower confidence and commitment within your technique and every aspect of all you value and aspire to deliver within your playing.

Ego is a human characteristic which conjures up negative images of being overconfident, a person full of themselves; all in all quite undesirable. I would like to suggest that the ego as an ingredient like raw chocolate is eaten on its own is horribly bitter. But if measured appropriately complimenting the other ingredients, ego like raw cholate is a wonderfully valuable and crucial ingredient.

To recognise achievements and accomplishments within the smallest detail of an overall task, builds a sense of competence which in turn nourishes a positive attitude whether in rehearsals,  performance or within the privacy of your practice room. Far from compromising standards or perceived as settling for second best, by cultivating self-worth and self-belief  alongside technique, will increase motivation and dedication in practice and confidence and commitment in performance.