Samek Music

25th Anniversary album

25th Anniversary album



From humble beginnings to becoming a significant catalogue of single reed music: awe inspiring performances recorded by international artists together with historical restorations. Indeed, it would be impossible to illustrate its sheer depth in a single CD. Instead, I’ve chosen performances reflecting my personal journey, exemplifying the unique flavor that is Samek Music. I do hope you enjoy it, and look forward to the continued exploration of the wonderful world of the single reed.

  1. Copland Sonata, Movement 1, Andante semplice (Exctract) CC0001 4.18
  2. Williams The Song Within, Movement 2, Canto Cantabile (Exctract) CC0007 1.46
  3. Howells A Near Minuet CC0023 3.06
  4. Pierne Andante-Scherzo, Scherzo CC0011 2.27
  5. Brahms Clarinet Sonata No.2 in Eb Op. 120, Movement 2, Appassionata ma non Troppo – Allegro CC0016 5.02
  6. Lloyd Trio, Movement 3, Allegro moderato CC0023 4.39
  7. Finzi Five Bagatelles, Movement 5, Fughetta CC0025 2.16
  8. Weber Quintet Op.34 in Bb, Movement 4, Rondo CC0027 6.32
  9. Spohr Sechs Deutche Lieder, Movement 6, Wach auf CC0027 2.42
  10. Poulenc Sonata for Two Clarinets, Movement 1, Presto CC0032 1.57
  11. Musgrave Autmn Sonata, Movement 3, Alla marcia, con furore (Exctract) CC0025 3.06
  12. Keeley Misterioso CC0070 4.01
  13. Marsh Ferry Music, Movement 4 CC0007 1.31
  14. Musgrave Narcissus (Exctract) CC0039 5.28
  15. Coquard Andante et Scherzetto CC0050 5.58
  16. Massanet Andante appassionata CC0050 1.25
  17. Wilson Girl’s Names, Helen CC0053 1.37
  18. Horovitz Sonatina, Movement 3, Con brio CC0060 4.00
  19. Harris Sonatina, Movement 1, Moderato espressivo CC0062 2.04
  20. Bennett Troubador Music CC0064 4.38
  21. Keeley A Blast for Darragh & Mary CC0070 3.14
  22. Keeley Six Clarinet Trios, Movement 4, Ostinato CC0070 2.36
  23. Bennett Balad in Memory of Shirley Horn (Exctract) CC0064 4.07

Total Timing 78:23

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Victoria Soames Samek; clarinet, bass clarinet with: pianists Julius Drake, Jonathan Higgins, John Flinders, Jennifer Purvis, Tim Watts, Michael Bell. Elizabeth Ritchie (soprano), Chris Brannick (percussion), Mühlfeld Ensemble, East Winds, Duke String Quartet, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conductor Thea Musgrave.


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