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Alchemy – New Music for Saxophone and Piano

Alchemy – New Music for Saxophone and Piano



Duo Aurous – Joshua Heaney, saxophone
Benjamin Nylander, piano

This release features contemporary music for saxophone and piano concerned with exploring a fundamentally intertwined relationship. Performed by saxophonist Joshua Heaney and pianist composer Benjamin Nylander, each piece is highly idiomatic for each instrument and makes full use of a wide pallet of techniques, colours, and sounds. The end result is a collection of music that could not be possibly performed on any other combination of instruments. Seeking novel expression, story telling, and human connection through contemporary music.

ALCHEMY presents a curated selection of new music by established and emerging composers alike. John Anthony Lennon and Marilyn Shrude represent the most esteemed names of the roster, and both composers are well recognised for their deep body of work and accolades. Viet Cuong and Mischa Zupko both represent among the most talented and distinct voices within this generation of emergent composers. Benjamin Nylander represents the latest generation of promising young composers and provides a glimpse into the direction of music to come in the future. 

  • John Anthony Lennon Distances Within Me (1979)
  • Marilyn Shrude Lacrimosa (2006)
  • Mischa Zupko Simple Song (2019)
  • Benjamin Nylander Body of Water (2022)
  • Viet Cuong Sanctuary (2020)                                 


Described by renowned British conductor Timothy Reynish as “extremely sensitive dynamically, with a beautiful sound,”

Joshua Heaney is an award-winning concert saxophonist


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Total Time: 43.51 minutes


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