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Blip & Glitch – Chris Jolly

Blip & Glitch – Chris Jolly


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June Emerson: Blip & Glitch for Tenor Saxophone

A few words from Chris Jolly:

Blip and Glitch are a pair of new solo pieces for tenor saxophone. These pieces can stand alone at around three minutes each or they can be performed together.

Blip begins with a lyrical melody wandering around a comfortable range on the tenor. Almost before the piece gets going, a new, more rhythmic section at rehearsal mark A requires precision and more energy while still holding the lyricism from the opening. The music continues to build through the next 30 bars until the lyrical melody from the opening section has picked up the influence of the more energetic passage, which leads to an intense recap of the original theme.

Glitch instantly drives into rhythmic patterns taking the performer through some unfamiliar time signatures. Lots of overtone (splitting the harmonic) work fills out the sound of the lower register with an almost distorted sound, adding to the intensity throughout. A short respite with a more melodic and free passage is soon wound back up to the frantic rhythms found at the beginning. One final twist with the time signatures before the ending is sure to keep both performer and audience on their toes.

Scoring: solo tenor saxophone

Standard: advanced (grades 7-8)
Length: 6-8 minutes

Score Extract from Blip

      Sound Extract from Blip

Score Extract from Glitch

      Sound Extract from Glitch


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Blip & Glitch Complete

Blip & Glitch Complete