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Colin Lawson’s Classical Collection

Colin Lawson’s Classical Collection


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Colin Lawson’s Classical Collection

Major works performed by world leading specialist, Colin Lawson, selected by Director Victoria Samek

“During my undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music the period performance was really establishing itself and starting to have an increasing influence on the 18th and 19th century repertoire. Even if the we were playing on modern instruments, the sound, technical and period considerations of a period instrument and a massive effect on our interpretation, whether in the area of phrasing being cleaner, legato phrases allowing the individually of notes colours to shine through or tempos which due to the instruments of the day might have had as few as 6 or 8 keys. But as with anything new, the rules within period performance felt to me very rigid. And while I recognized the importance of all contextual considerations, this rigidity seemed to me to belong more in the academic rather than musical area.

Hearing Colin Lawson for the first time playing Weber’s and Burgmüller’s Grand Duo was a complete revelation. Performing on period instruments with all contextual correctness, the musicality and flexibility of tempo was worlds away from the strict rigidity which had dominated many performances and recording I had come to associate with the period movement in those early days. So when Colin came to us with a recording proposal with a recording to include both the Burgmüller and Weber, I was totally delighted! Since recording a Grand Duo CC0015, Colin has recorded several CDs for Clarinet & Saxophone Classics.

With each recording Colin brings his indefinably unique style, musical interpretation illustrating that academic considerations need not conflict or restrict musical interpretation. Put this in the context of Colin’s warm, rich and vivid tone we can see why the clarinet has such a wonderful repertoire; what composer could resist writing for our instrument! With the playing, historical insight and repertoire this collection will truly be enjoyed by all, players, students and enthusiasts alike.”

The collection contains: A Grand Duo (CC0015),  Xavier Lefèvre – “A Revolutionary Tutor”: Clarinet sonatas, vol. 1 (CC0055), Xavier Lefèvre – Volume 2 (CC0058) and Mozart Quintet (CC0068)


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