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Historical Recordings Volume 1

Historical Recordings Volume 1


Manuel Gomez Verdi (arr. Bassi) – Caro nome; Boisdeffre – Chanson Napolitain; Charles Draper Mohr – Air Varié; Weber – Concertino; Haydn Draper Mozart – Concerto KV622 (Adagio); Renard Quartet Renard – Marche Grotesque…

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This collection brings together a wide range of players and music. Re-mastered from the original 78s and put on CD in many cases, for the first time.

Reginald Kell playing Schumann
Gaston Hamelin playing Debussy
Benny Goodman plays Mozart
These are just some of the highlights in a valuable and intriging programme of historical recordings.

“To be without this CD on one’s record shelves would be like a library missing out on the Bible and Shakespeare. Run don’t walk to your nearest record dealer.”
Clarinet & Saxophone Society

Full listing
Manuel Gomez: Verdi/Bassi – Caro Nome (Rigoletto); Boisdeffre – Chanson Napolitan. Charles Draper: Mohr – Air Varie; Weber – Concertino. Haydn Draper: Mozart – Concerto KV622 (2nd Movt). Renard Quartet: Charles Renard – marche Grotesque. Reginald Kell: Schumann – Fantasiestucke. Frederick Thurston & Ralph Clarke: Alan Frank – Suite; Bliss – Quintet (4th movt). Adolf Umbach: Bassi -Melodie dei Puritani. Carl Esberger: Weber – Concerto No.1 (1st Movt). Romolo Quaranta: Benedict – Canravele di Venezia. Anthony Giameo & Fred Brisset: Baermann – Duo Concertante Op.33. Benny Goodman: Mozart – Quintet KV581 (4th Movt). Gaston Hamelin: Debussy – Premiere Rapsodie. Auguste Perier: Marty – Premiere Fantasie. Henri Lefebvre: Meister – Erwin.

‘Discs of considerable fascination.’

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Running Time: 78 mins.

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