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La Revoltosa

La Revoltosa


Arturo Marquez Zarabandeo; Paul Desenne Sonata; Paul Desenne La Revoltosa; Jorge Montilla Registro de Pajarillo; Alexandre Eisenberg Arquichorinho; Alfred Prinz Sonata; Mario Herrerias Niebla y Cemento…


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Jorge Montillaclarinet

Hamilton Tescarollo – piano

This exciting new release features one of Latin America’s foremost clarinetists in his debut CD. Together with the usual Bb clarinet the listener has a rare chance to hear the ‘piccolo’ Eb clarinet played by one of the finest exponents of the instrument.

This captivating new release, spotlighting five premiere recordings, is filled with an eclectic repertoire displaying the artist’s brilliant mastery of the instrument as well as his dedication to the world of “new” Latin American repertoire.

Jorge Montilla is a proud member of the world famous and prestigious Venezuelan music program “El Sistema”.

• Paul Desenne’s fantasy piece “La Revoltosa” virtuoso work for Eb clarinet especially adapted for Jorge Montilla.

• “Registro de Pajarillo” for solo Eb clarinet is a dazzling piece composed by the performer himself

.• Desenne’s clarinet sonata presents a mixture of the intricate musical figures of Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia.

• Also included are works by Arturo Marquez of Mexico, Alexandre Eisenberg of Brazil, Mario Herrerías and Astor Piazzolla of Argentina which complete the journey


Montilla performs with great enthusiasm and  knows how to make the repertoire of his native continent jump off the page  with effortless technique, subtle dance accents, and tasteful vibrato.’


To buy a copy of Jorge’s wonderful piece “Registro de Pajarillo” for solo Eb clarinet, please visit

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