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Lessons – Clarinet or Saxophone

Lessons – Clarinet or Saxophone


Irrespective of age or level, Victoria Samek is available for lessons delivered in person or remotely building layers of learning in training to secure confidence and commitment to give your best performance. Victoria’s experienced approach and intuitive sensitivity alongside her infectious enthusiasm will motivate you in your learning.

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Learning to play an instrument is one of the most demanding skills an individual is likely to undertake. Embarking on learning an instrument can be for pleasure or as a means for gaining extra qualifications. Both can result in confused expectations and anxieties.  

Lessons will not only develop technical skills of your instrument and build a diverse resource of repertoire but the knowledge to give reason and understanding to the often baffling ‘where do I start?’ and ‘Why does this fault keep happening?’ With Victoria’s experienced approach and intuitive sensitivity alongside her infectious enthusiasm and love of music, students are assured of developing strategies of learning and depth of understanding to support their practice which will equip them to perform at their best consistently.    

  • From beginner to advance, young student to mature learner.
  • Developing an effective daily warm-up routine – beginner to advanced
  • Musical interpretation and communication in performance
  • Managing anxieties in performance, exams, lessons and rehearsals
  • Repertoire and programme guidance
  • The art of doubling – some useful tips!


      Practice - How long & Motivation - Victoria Samek

Special Offer – 2 lessons for the price of 1 at an incredible price of £80/00!


Whether you struggle to organise and prioritise the tasks in your training sessions or anxieties when performing prevent you from performing with commitment.  Victoria Samek introduces Organise-Prioritise-Commit; The Training, Testing and Performing Process! OPC is a new and ground-breaking process for the 21st century player bringing together the theory of why with the practicalities of how! 

Teaching is the most privileged position of serving another human being in their desire for the pursuit of excellence, a value which is at the core of my philosophy. Victoria Samek

” I want to thank you for the excellent lessons to date which I always look forward to. I am delighted with my progress this year. I feel that I have embraced your basic concepts of teaching and managed to incorporate them into my learning processes with great benefit”.  Sara (Adult Learner)

Booking  Lessons & Payment Options 

  • Email Victoria Samek at 
  • Victoria will ask for your date and time preferences along with type of learner and requested length
  • Payment per Lesson Preference via PayPal  – Select from the options below and make payment
  • Payment per Lesson Preference via BACS –  Select from options  below once date and time has been
  • Subscription options being available (see price list below) – Please inquire at the end of the lesson 

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:

DOWNLOAD – Full Price List and Subscription Options for Lessons & Coaching 2022-2023

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Length of Lesson - Pay-Per-Lesson

45 minutes Clarinet or Saxophone, 60+ minutes Clarinet or Saxophone

Type of Learner - Pay-Per-Lesson

Beginner to G8 Clarinet or Saxophone, Student & Concessions, Standard Advanced Learner


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