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Lessons – Saxophone Improvisation & Composition with Chris Jolly

Lessons – Saxophone Improvisation & Composition with Chris Jolly


A unique opportunity to book exciting and engaging sessions with jazz performer, composer and educator, Chris Jolly.

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When it comes to playing your instrument there is always something to work on and always something to learn, for Chris Jolly this is the beauty of music and the magic of learning.  As an educator the journey of building and developing is something he holds central to all of his teaching.  With experience of teaching students of any age and any level, Chris will engage with anyone who reaches out.

  • Saxophone technique (extended and well as fundamentals)
  • Stylistic interpretation
  • Fresh approach to scales and exercises
  • Knowledge and experience of the whole saxophone family


Improvisation can be feared by a lot of musicians of any age or ability. Chris’ approach to teaching improvisation starts with existing knowledge and gives students the confidence they need to become more free and assured about their ability to improvise and create.  From those first starting out to those who want to sharpen their skills there is always something to learn with Chris.

  • First steps in improvisation
  • Standard progressions (blues, rhythm changes, ii-V-I)
  • Jazz theory (scales and chords)
  • Delivering a confident improvisation


Playing an instrument and creativity go hand in hand, an inevitable result of this is the creation of your own music and therefore compositions.  For those who want to progress, composition is a skill that needs practicing and just like an instrument you can learn and develop the techniques needed. Whether you are dipping your toe into writing your own music or you have a specific project or assignment Chris will tailor lessons to your needs.

  • Composition and arranging (any age or level)
  • GCSE

and A-level assignments

  • University or College assignments
  • Specific lessons on Sibelius or Logic Pro
  • Theory needed for composition (chord progressions, melody writing, development of ideas)

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Saxophone lesson, Improvisation, Composition

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30 minutes, 60 minutes

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Beginner or young learner, Mature student or mature beginner, Music student, Advanced player or Teacher


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