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New English Clarinet Music

New English Clarinet Music


Elisabeth Lutyens Trio; Graham Williams Song Within; Roger Marsh Ferry; Nicola LeFanu Lullaby, Nocturne; Anthony Powers Trio

New English Clarinet Music
commissioned by The Mühlfeld Ensemble

Victoria Soames Samek – clarinet        Julia Vohralik – cello        Jonathan Higgins – piano

Premiere recording

This CD gives the music enthusiast and players looking for new repertoire an opportunity to hear a rich & diverse collection of music for clarinet, cello & piano commissioned by Victoria Soames Samek in the 70s and 80s.

‘All five pieces are better than ‘interesting’ and one wants a better word than ‘enterprising’ (which so often means a good try…) for The Mühlfeld Ensemble’s remarkable success rate in their commissioning. The recording is first class.’ GRAMOPHONE

Elisabeth Lutyens (1906-1983) wrote film music for Hammer horror movies to pay the rent but in her concert music was adventurous and visionary. This was especially true of her later years where she developed a style that was spare and poignant as can be seen in her Trio (1979).

This CD keeps the enthusiast for clarinet music and new music in general up to date with what is happening in the UK. The music is modern, searching, and full of character and purpose, with authoritative performances from the world’s leading clarinet ensemble. The clarinettist Victoria Samek, founder of The Mühlfeld Ensemble and Clarinet Classics itself comments:

” Since the days when Stadler and Mozart worked together, clarinet players have been closely in touch with new music. As these works show, it has been both a duty and a pleasure for me to do the same, encouraging composers to write for this wonderful instrument.”

Anthony Powers – Trio
Nicola LeFanu’s Lullaby and Nocturne (1988) are examples of charming, gentle night music.
Graham Williams’ The Song Within (1980) makes a feature of the bass clarinet.
Roger Marsh’s Ferry Music (1988) charts the journey of dead souls carried by Charon across the River Styx to Hades- intense, vigorous imagery brought to life by a virtuosic clarinet part.

“All five pieces are better than ‘interesting’ and one wants a better word than ‘enterprising’ (which so often means a good try …..) for the Mühlfeld Ensemble’s success rate in their commissioning. The record is first class.”

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Playing Time: 73 mins.

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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1 Anthony Powers: Clarinet Trio: I. Andante – Allegro moderato, Download 2 Anthony Powers: Clarinet Trio: II. Andante – Allegro molto capriccioso, Download 3 Anthony Powers: Clarinet Trio: III. Andante – Lentissimo – Adagio – Allegro non troppo, Download 4 Elizabeth Lutyens: Clarinet Trio, Op. 135: I.Prelude, Download 5 Elizabeth Lutyens: Clarinet Trio, Op. 135: II., Download 6 Elizabeth Lutyens: Clarinet Trio, Op. 135: III., Download 7 Nicola LeFanu: Clarinet Trio, Op. 135: IV., Download 8 Nicola LeFanu: Lullaby, Download 9 Nicola LeFanu: Nocturne, Download 10 Graham Williams: The Song Within: I. Allegro con fuoco, Download 11 Graham Williams: The Song Within: II. Canto cantabile, Download 12 Graham Williams: The Song Within: III. Con brio, Download 13 Roger Marsh:Ferry Music: I., Download 14 Roger Marsh: Ferry Music: II., Download 15 Roger Marsh: Ferry Music: III., Download 16 Roger Marsh: Ferry Music: IV., Download 17 Roger Marsh: Ferry Music: V.


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