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On the Winds of English Melody

On the Winds of English Melody


This recording includes some of the greatest British masterworks written for the clarinet in the 20th century.  It is the immense influence of the many clarinet players past and present who inspire eminent composers to wrote some of the most wonderful duo repertoire such as those is included on this recording.


On The Winds of English Melody

Victoria Samek – clarinet        John Flinders – piano

Victoria Samek has chosen British works from the first half of the 20th century. The Royal College of Music enjoyed a wonderful tradition of eminent clarinet professors including Charles Draper and Frederick Thurston. Having produced few notable composers in the previous century, British music saw a sudden flowering in a new generation of composers who have left a legacy of masterworks for clarinet and piano. Victoria’s recital features music from some of the outstanding composers of this generation.

John Ireland Fantasy Sonata; Charles Villiers Stanford Sonata; Malcolm Arnold Sonatina; Gerald Finzi Five Bagatelles; Ralph Vaughan Williams Six Studies on English Folk Songs; Arthur Bliss Pastoral

Victoria Samek clarinet, John Flinders piano

‘This latest disc from an attractive label is a celebration of clarinet music written in the first half of the century… John

Ireland’s Fantasy Sonata, a suave, wistful single movement… beautifully played.’

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Playing Time: 73 mins.


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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1 Stanford: Sonata: I. Allegro moderato, Download 2 Stanford: Sonata: II. 'Caoine', Adagio (quasi fantasia), Download 3 Stanford: Sonata: III. Allegretto grazioso, Download 4 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong: I. Adagio, Download 5 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong: II. Andante sostenuto, Download 6 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong: III. Larghetto, Download 7 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong IV. Lento, Download 8 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong: V. Andante tranquillo, Download 9 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies In English Folksong: VI. Allegro vivace, Download 10 John Ireland: Fantasy-Sonata, Download 11 Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles: I. Prelude, Download 12 Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles: II. Romance, Download 13 Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles: III. Carol, Download 14 Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles: IV. Forlana, Download 15 Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles: V. Fughetta, Download 16 Bliss: Pastoral, Download 17 Arnold: Sonatina: I. Allegro con brio, Download 18 Arnold: Sonatina: II. Andantino, Download 19 Arnold: Sonatina: III. Furioso

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