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Performance Mentoring

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Life performance is a platform on which many diverse forms of performance exist and therefore is not just the jurisdiction of the performing arts. Business or Academia, Industry or Retail, Healthcare, hospitality or as an entrepreneur; relies on dependable and reliable performance strategies.

As distinct from teaching, mentoring is discussion based without an instrument. It is offered not only to wind players, but any musician or individual facing concerns relating to performance demands in their professional lives.

Sessions involve the guidance and management of both practical and psychological aspects related to musical activities. Combining science theories and models from her Performance Science Masters, research and a lifetime involved in practice and performance. Victoria is able to respond to individual needs with a pragmatic and unique perspective.

Fundamental to her approach is supporting the individual in developing their pathways of performance preparation and performance which will result in competence (which drives motivation) and autonomy (which drives commitment). It is from this basis that a positive response to the demands of performance will result in a successful outcome from which control, clarity and confidence will be realised.

Victoria’s experience in mentoring includes musicians from the Royal Military School of Music, professional players to students preparing for job interviews.

With her sensitive, practical and pragmatic approach combined with her experience and personal insights, she has gained a position of trust with those who have spoken to her.

After each mentoring session, a follow-up sheet will be sent via email. This would normally include a summary of the session, clarification of topics where needed and any relevant further readings or studies felt appropriate.

Sessions are typically 1.5 hours.

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


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