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Practice & Performance Coach


Victoria Samek has developed a new and ground-breaking process for the 21st-century which brings together the theory of WHY with the practicalities of HOW! Have a first-hand taster of this ground-breaking and inspirational approach by booking your free 15 introductory session!

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As distinct from teaching, coaching is discussion-based and can be with or without an instrument. For this reason, practice and performance coaching can be offered to any musician, performer, teacher, parent or carer. Purpose and reward in practice are pivotal to confidence and commitment in performance. With the instruction of the teacher being of utmost importance, as a practice coach my role is to support and guide musicians  at whatever age or level to develop systematic strategies within your daily practice. Practice is a complex business with added practical and emotional pressures in meeting lesson and performance pressures. This is compounded by the idea that learning within the performing arts should be intuitive, perceived as proof of talent.

Recognising the significance of Performance Science, Victoria Samek introduces a new and ground-breaking process for the 21st century performer, bringing together the theory of why with the practicalities of how! Organise-Prioritise-Commit; The Process for Practice and Performance. OPC will empower the student to organise and prioritise existing strategies giving purpose and fulfilment within practice, the basis on which confidence and commitment in performance will then be assured. Health and well-being of the player in practice sits at the heart of a performers ability to give your best performance. OPC – The digital book is scheduled for May 2022. But you can have a first-hand taster of this ground-breaking and inspirational approach by booking an individual or group coaching session.

  • Players of all ages are welcome to book a session
  • Teacher or Parents and Carers are welcome to book a session
  • Group session options available on request
  • Sessions to be held currently online via Zoom 
  • Students are invited to share their topics of concern in advance of the session
  • Follow up sheets from the session will be sent after every session

Booking Your Free 15 minute Introductory Coaching Session

  • Email Victoria Samek at 
  • Victoria will ask for your date and time preferences 
  • Once agreed and confirmed Victoria will send you a Zoom link
  • Your Free 15 minute session can be added to a paid lesson if preferred

Booking  Additional Coaching Sessions & Payment Options 

  • Email Victoria Samek at 
  • Victoria will ask for your date and time preferences along with type of learner and requested length
  • Payment per Session Preference via PayPal  – Select from the options below and make payment
  • Payment per Session Preference via BACS –  Select from options  below once date and time has been
  • Subscription options being available (see price list below) – Please inquire at the end of the session 

Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


      Practice Worthwhile and Less Mistakes in Performance - Victoria Samek


Science is the voice of reason and art is the voice of creativity. Together they make a harmonious partnership. Victoria Samek


“As a professional musician who has suffered with acute performance anxiety, particularly with auditions, I have found Victoria’s explanations a revelation. It is allowing me, through thinking scientifically to cut out the negative internal dialogue and preconceptions and focus purely on the job of music making. In the past I would have thought that the act of working in this manner would inhibit my playing even more but it has had quite the opposite effect”. Professional Double Bass Musician

“Ever since I was first introduced to the OPC method by Victoria I have noticed a huge change in how I view music and the process of learning and practicing in a different way. I found, from being within the audition process, that I needed to have some sort of organisation and direction to be able to achieve what I wanted to and within a time limit of a couple of months.  Student at Royal Northern College of Music              
” My confidence in scales is so much better than ever before”. Level 1 Student Goldsmiths College

“I now have a solid practice schedule that can react to time constraints, yet remain positive and a greater sense of knowing what needs to be done in order to improve. So my fantastic musical journey continues, with its on going multiple challenges…and I am loving it!” Adult Learner

“In auditioning for drama schools, Victoria has been brilliant for advice in performing to my best ability and creating the right frame of mind to create my best work. In using these methods i feel like I have become more calm and prepared when performing and in result have gained a place at drama school due to her excellent advice”. Student at LAMDA

Fulfilment in practice will reduce anxieties in performance.



Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:


Further information or questions can be addressed by contacting Victoria via email:

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