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Semplice Clarinet – From Beautiful Beginnings…

Semplice Clarinet – From Beautiful Beginnings…





Semplice – From Beautiful Beginnings… (clarinet)

Semplice – Italian for ‘simple’. Internationally renowned clarinettist Victoria Samek presents over forty short pieces that are musically satisfying to listen to, yet can be performed by intermediate and junior players. Semplice includes original clarinet works by established composers including Gade and Howard Ferguson. Also included are excellent arrangements of works by, Tchaikovsky, Elgar Debussy and others, some jazzy, some classical. Settings from the folk idiom include the haunting Scarborough Fair. Completing the programme are many of the best short compositions found in the clarinet tutors and popular collections enjoyed by students everywhere.

The Semplice series is the brain child of Victoria Samek. Each piece has been carefully selected to show players that simplicity can be powerfully musical with composers writing with the same care and consideration to creative detail as in more complex pieces.  From original pieces to gloriously transcribed arrangements of popular melodies to jazzy numbers; this is a wonderful resource of contrasting pieces to encourage the learner while giving the listener much enjoyment.  


Featuring Music by:

Rose, Elgar, Debussy, Ravel, Harris, Pilling, Ferguson, Fauré, Lyons, Reid, Wastall, Whittome, Vanberingen, Frith, McCubbin, McDowall, Kluger, Cowles, Mayhew and Sumbler, Satie, Wilson, Lewin, Handel, Norton, Dvoˇrák, Reade, Ledbury, Mumford..Bartok, Cowles, Debussy, Elgar, Fauré, Ferguson, Frith Gade, Harris, German, Bratton & Kennedy, Lewin, McCubbin, Pilling, Rose, Ravel, Reid, Tchaikovsky, McDowall, White, Wilson, Watts, Winter, and others

The CD includes a performance of Lingering Shadows by Tim Watts with guest artist Jeffery Wilson, a copy of which is included on the disc as a free music PDF file.

Victoria  Samekclarinet Tim Watts – piano

As beautiful to listen to as to play!


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Playing Time: 65 mins.


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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1 R. Whittome: Daisy, Download 2 E. Reade: Song Without Words, Download 3 N. Gade: Andantino Op. 43, Download 4 D. Pilling: Seven Simple Piece; Chanson, Download 5 D. Pilling: Seven Simple Piece; Chalumeau, Download 6 D. Pilling: Seven Simple Piece; Horn Pipe, Download 7 G. Vinter: First Song, Download 8 M. Rose: Ballad, Download 9 H. Ferguson: Four Short Pieces; Prelude, Download 10 H. Ferguson: Four Short Pieces; Scherzo, Download 11 H. Ferguson: Four Short Pieces; Pastoral, Download 12 H. Ferguson: Four Short Pieces; Burlesque, Download 13 A. White: Bagatelles (No.2), Download 14 D. Reid: Sad Café, Download 15 P. Harris: Suite in Five; 4, Download 16 P. Harris: Suite in Five; 5, Download 17 J. Wilson: Girl Names; Helen, Download 18 T. Watts: Two Noctures; 1, Download 19 T. Watts: Two Noctures; 2, Download 20 C. Norton: How Graceful, Download 21 O. Ledbury: Shortcut, Download 22 R. Stokes: Yellow Shaddows, Download 23 C. Gunning: A Hungarian Tale, Download 24 B. Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances; Joc co bata, Download 25 B. Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances; Braul, Download 26 B. Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances; Pe loc, Download 27 N. LeFanu: Song of the Night Sky, Download 28 D. Kabalevskey: An Old Dance Op. 27 No.7, Download 29 J. Frith: A Garland for the Queen; Carillon, Download 30 J. Frith: A Garland for the Queen; Cortege, Download 31 J. Frith: A Garland for the Queen; Queen Mary's Rest, Download 32 E. German: Romance, Download 33 C. Debussy; arr G. Lyons: Reverie, Download 34 Schumann: Widmung Op. 25 No.1, Download 35 M. Ravel; arr Paul Harris: Sleeping Beauty, Download 36 A. Charlton: Lullaby, Download 37 P. Warlock: Capriol Suite; Basse Dance, Download 38 C. McDowall: Three Pastiches; Hormpipe, Download 39 C. McDowall: Three Pastiches; Romantic Song, Download 40 C. McDowall: Three Pastiches; Music Hall, Download 41 M. Rose: Hornpipe, Download 42 B. Kelly: Funfair Pieces; Swings, Download 43 Traditional: Shule Agra, Download 44 C. Cowles: Locomotive Suite; The Little Lost Tender, No.2, Download 45 H. Arlen: Over the Rainbow, Download 46 Yarrow & Lipton: Puff the Magic Dragon, Download 47 G. Lewin: Serenade to a Reed, Download 48 P. Harris: Summer Sketches; Carousel, Download 49 Traditional: Greensleeves

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