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Semplice – From Beautiful Beginnings…(Saxophone)

Semplice – From Beautiful Beginnings…(Saxophone)


Composers include: Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Albéniz, Elgar, Faurè, Richard Bennett, Dave Heath, Karen Street and many more…


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Semplice – From Beautiful Beginnings… (saxophone)


‘From Beautiful Beginnings…’

Jeffery Wilsonsaxophone Tim Watts – piano

Semplice – Italian for ‘simple’, the second CD in this attractive new series is appropriately selected as the inaugural CD to launch Saxophone Classics. Jeffery Wilson renowned saxophone player, composer and educator includes a wealth of music with different styles. From the classical idiom of Mendelssohn and Rachmaninov, the folk elements by Albeniz and Balogh together with jazz pieces by Heath and Street. This programme gives an over-view of the very best pieces often used for educational purposes or examinations. The CD includes a performance of ‘Champs Hill’ by Jeffery Wilson, for Saxophone duet and piano with guest artist Victoria Soames Samek. This is included on the disc as a free music PDF file.

This wonderful new disc will be eagerly sought by both pupils and teachers alike and with those who love the distinctive sound of one of the most popular of instruments – the saxophone.

‘A delightful collection of pedagogy pieces …a great CD for listeners and young students new to the saxophone’


Mendelssohn, Christie, Marciak, Wilson, Beswick, Street, Naulais, Tchaikovsky, Scott, Louiguy, Ilyinsky, Benjamin, Fauré, Shostakovich, Dvorak, Rachmaninov , Albeniz, Gurewich, Crepin, Balogh, R.R.Bennett, McGarry, Wilson, Heath, Watts and others

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