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Solos de Concours II – Music from the Premier Prix

Solos de Concours II – Music from the Premier Prix




Solos de Concours II – Music from the Premier Prix

Each year since the late 19th century, a new work is commissioned from a notable composer for the final year students competing for the Premier Prix at the Paris Conservatoire. The resulting Solos de Concours tradition has generated a rich resource of repertoire which is enjoyed in recital programmes outside the perimeters of the annual competition and has left a legacy of wonderful works for future generations. Following the outstanding success of he first Solos de Concours recording, Victoria Samek has recorded a second in this series together with her duo partner John Flinders. Featuring music by composers whose names might be less familiar or indeed might not be associated with the clarinet. These recordings reveal hidden treasures of music which is ravishingly beautiful and technically dazzling. Also included with this release is a bonus CD of previously unrecorded sight-reading pieces, further jewels in this glorious musical tradition.

CD 1:

Marcel Dautremer Récit et ImpromptuClaude Arrieu Capriccio; Henri Busser Aragon; Charles Lefebvre Fantaisie – Caprice; Michel Merlet Diptyque; Charles M. Widor Introduction et Rondo; Marc Delmas Fantaisie Italienne; Arthur Coquard Mélodie et Scherzetto; Max D’Ollone Fantaisie Orientale; Pierre Revel Fantaisie

Bonus CD:

Sight-reading Pieces: Claude Debussy Petite Pièce; Charles Colin Andantino; Léo Delibes Andante quasi allegretto; Charles Lenepveu Andantino, Andante Moderato; Jules Massanet Andante appassionato; Jules Duprato Ben moderato, Moderato (Mouvement de Valse); Paul Taffanel Andante molto espressivo; Raoul Pugno Très Modéré; George Marty Moderato, Moderato; Charles-Marie Widor Moderato; André Messager Allegro; Augusta Holmès Molto lento; Henri Busser Andante poco adagio

Victoria Soames Samek – Clarinet John Flinders  – Piano

‘Soames Samek plays them beautifully…We owe her a great debt for unearthing these goodies’.

Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine


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Playing Time: 88 mins.



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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1-1 Charles-Marie Widor: Introduction et Rondo, Download 1-2 Arthur Coquard: Melodie et Scherzetto, Download 1-3 Charles Lefebvre: Fantaisie – Caprice, Download 1-4 Max D'Ollone: Fantaisie Orientale, Download 1-5 Marc Delmas:Fantaisie Italienne, Download 1-6 Henri Busser: Aragon sur des aires populaires d'Espagne, Download 1-7 Marcel Dautremer: Recit et Impromptu, Download 1-8 Pierre Revel: Fantaisie, Download 1-9 Claude Arrieu: Capriccio, Download 1-10 Michel Merlet: Diptyque: I. Arioso, Download 1-11 Michel Merlet: Diptyque: II. Eclogue, Download 1-12 Charles-Marie Widor: Moderato, Download 2-1 Charles Colin: Andantino, Download 2-2 Leo Delibes: Andante quasi allegretto, Download 2-3 Charles Lenepveu: Andantino, Download 2-4 Jules Massenet: Andante appassionato, Download 2-5 Jules Duparato: Ben moderato, Download 2-6 Jules Duparato: Moderato (Mouvement de Valse), Download 2-7 Charles Lenepveu: Andante Moderato, Download 2-8 Paul Taffanel: Andante molto espressivo, Download 2-9 Raoul Pugno: Tres Modere, Download 2-10 Georges Marty: Moderato, Download 2-11 Georges Marty: Moderato, Download 2-12 Charles-Marie Widor: Moderato, Download 2-13 Andre Messager: Allegro, Download 2-14 Augusta Holmès: Molto Lento, Download 2-15 Claude Debussy: Petite Piece, Download 2-16 Henri Busser: Andante poco adagio

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