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Sonatina for Solo E flat Clarinet by Paul Harris

Sonatina for Solo E flat Clarinet by Paul Harris


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A few words from Paul Harris;

After having written my unaccompanied Bb Clarinet Sonatina for Victoria, I was delighted when she invited me to write a sequel for the Eb clarinet. The world premiere recording by Victoria will be available in February 2024.

Its overall structure is cast similarly to the first Sonatina, four movements in the conventional fast-slow-fast-fast format. Of course, one can’t help but be influenced by the slightly more perky tone quality of the Eb in developing appropriate musical ideas, however, I did want to ensure a profusion of expressive and lyrical moments so as not to typecast the Eb in its more traditional role -Strauss’ Till Eulenspiegel and Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique come to mind!

Consequently, the first movement, though fast, is based on a rather lyrical idea with juxtaposed triplet fanfare figures creating interesting harmonic colours.

The slow movement is expressive and explores particularly the warm middle register of the instrument.

The Scherzo movement uses various dance-like rhythms and short notes to provide a witty diversion.

The final movement contrasts crisp and accented staccato notes with short lyrical phrases and the often-changing time signatures give a lilting and buoyant character.

I hope the whole puts a spotlight on the Eb clarinet and allows it to show what a versatile instrument it actually is.
Paul Harris, 2023

Scoring: solo Eb clarinet
Standard: Moderate to Advance
Length: 4 minutes


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