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Sonatina for Solo B flat Clarinet by Paul Harris

Sonatina for Solo B flat Clarinet by Paul Harris


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June Emerson: Solo Clarinet in Bb part

A few words from Paul Harris;

“I was delighted to write this short unaccompanied Clarinet Sonatina for Victoria, inspired by one of her excellent clarinet courses. The world premiere recording made by Victoria will be available in February 2024.

It is cast in the usual four movement form:

Much of the first movement explores the warm richness of the chalumeau register with a gentle swaying and thoughtful melodic idea that develops simply and expressively as the music unfolds.

The second movement is a humorous scherzo that often oscillates between keys a minor second apart. The middle section suggest a conversation where the characters are continually interrupting each other.

The lyrical third movement begins in the beautiful clarinet register and on that F which launches so many great clarinet works. The mellifluous interval of a major 6th is a feature.

Though the final movement pays a sideways glance to jazzy syncopations it’s really a very energetic and sprightly dance with just a hint of something a little more menacing at times.

I hope the whole adds up to an enjoyable representation of what this wonderful instrument is so good at!” Paul Harris 2022


Scoring: solo Bb clarinet
Standard: intermediate
Length: 4 minutes


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