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The Saxophone Starter Collection

The Saxophone Starter Collection


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The perfect introduction to music for the saxophone, selected by Founder and Executive Director Victoria Soames Samek.

“As a clarinet / saxophone player I have long been intrigued by the different responses I get from saxophone players when I ask the question – what would you consider the ‘chore repertoire’  of the saxophone and most particularly  for the alto saxophone? Pose this same question to clarinet players and there will almost certainly be duplications of the same composer. With an instrument that has a shorter history in comparison to other instruments it is perhaps the Countries from whom some of the early great saxophone players where we must find our best clue; France, England and USA. Run, Sing Fly, with Sarah Markham, my co-artistic director who studied both in Europe and the USA, whose sound, musicality and technical fluency in programme which  includes many what I would consider ‘chore repertoire’ from France, UK, USA and Japan.  Summertime recorded by world renown saxophone player Otis Murphy award winner including earning the title of Prix de Perfectionnement amongst other prestigious prizes whose ‘ease and fluidity and perfect blending  of registers’ is amply demonstrated in his wonderful and varied programme which includes Gershwin, Mozart and Mucaynski. To complete the collection is

Chamber Sax with American born Kyle Horch, whose post graduate studies brought him to the UK since where he has settled becoming one of the leading and estab;ished solo, chamber and orchestral players in the UK. Bringing his unique sound, vibrato and specialist interpretation in a programme which includes Busch, Webern and Keochlin. In all the recordings you will have the chance to hear the saxophone with a variety of instruments including piano, strings and mixed wind and strings making this the perfect starter or indeed addition to a saxophone collector’s library.”

This Collection contains: Run, Sing, Fly, (CC4005), Summertime (CC4004) and Chamber Sax (CC0029)

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