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Time Pieces – 60 Years of American Music for clarinet and piano

Time Pieces – 60 Years of American Music for clarinet and piano




Time Pieces – 60 years of American Music for clarinet and piano

Conceived by British performers Peter Furniss and David Leiher Jones, presenting music of the last 60 years for clarinet and piano, this collection provides a rich anthology in which an intriguing musical lineage is celebrated. 

  • Leonard Bernstein Sonata (1942) This early work is superbly written and shows a clearly developed compositional voice. Influenced by Bernstein’s teacher Hindemith, this piece contains many elements of Bernstein’s later works, including a brilliant jazz-inspired finale.
  • Robert Muczynski Time Pieces (1985) These robust, lyrical and virtuosic pieces have become popular with clarinettists all over the world in a short time.
  • Michael Kaulkin American Standard (1993)  WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING This attractive one movement work written for Peter Furniss won Honorable Mention at the 1994 New Music Delaware Festival.
  • Richard Dudas Sonata (2004)  WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING Completed in 2004 and commissioned by the performers, this substantial duo is a deeply lyrical work, combining moments of great depth and tenderness with a brilliantly crafted finale.
  • James Cohn Sonatina Op 56  (1981) This is a delightful three-movement character piece with plenty of charm, wit and considerable bravura.
  • Victor Babin Hillandale Waltzes – 8 Waltz Movements Composed on a Theme by Johann Hummel  (1942)A brilliant and popular set of highly contrasted stylistic variations on a classical dance tune.

Peter Furniss clarinet David Leiher Jones piano

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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1 Leonard Bernstein: Sonata: I. Grazioso, Download 2 Leonard Bernstein: Sonata: II. Andantino – Vivace e leggiero, Download 3 Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces: I. Allegro risoluto, Download 4 Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces: II. Andante espressivo, Download 5 Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces: III. Allegro moderato, Download 6 Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces: IV. Andante molto – Allegro energico, Download 7 Michael Kaulkin: American Standard, Download 8 Richard Dudas: Sonata: I. Andantino, Download 9 Richard Dudas: Sonata: II. Andante, Download 10 Richard Dudas: Sonata: III. Allegro giocoso, Download 11 James Cohn: Sonatina: I. Allegretto marcato, Download 12 James Cohn: Sonatina: II. Nocturne (Andante, con moto e cantabile), Download 13 James Cohn: Sonatina: III. Allegretto scherzando, Download 14 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: I. Thème, Download 15 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: II. Valse eÌegante, Download 16 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: III. Valse passionee, Download 17 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: IV. Valse sombre, Download 18 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: V. Valse volante, Download 19 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: VI. Valse triste, Download 20 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: VII. Valse de bonne humeur, Download 21 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: VIII. Valse brillante et joyeuse, Download 22 Victori Babin: Hillandale Waltzes: IX. Valse oubliee


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