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TRip – Chris Jolly

TRip – Chris Jolly


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A few words from Chris Jolly:

TRIp was originally written in 2011 for Reed Play; a trio of alto saxophone, bass clarinet and piano. The piece was re-worked in 2012 for the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews with the bass clarinet part altered for baritone saxophone and a new middle section added.

TRIp is based on a 2 bar groove which emerges from a driving and unstable opening which incorporates extended techniques. The contrasting middle section looses all sense of time with a repeated 13 beat melody in the alto and lilting chords from the piano. The final section sees the return of the 2 bar groove that we first heard at the beginning, this time much more settled.

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June Emerson: Alto saxophone, Bass clarinet and piano version


Scoring: alto saxophone, bass clarinet and piano
Standard: advanced (grades 7-8)
Length: 8 minutes

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