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Two Portraits – Xander Hunfeld

Two Portraits – Xander Hunfeld


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June Emerson: Two Portraits

A few words from Xander Hunfeld

Ravel and Cummings inspired me to write Two Portraits. In Ravel’s L’Indifférent someone is looking at a passing boy, and invites this boy to let wine refresh him. But the boy walks by, his hips slightly bent. What latent ambiguity was at stake for Ravel? Cummings describes the existence of androgynous appeal as an ontological fact. From his Love Poems, different fragments were used to illuminate this fact. For me, they provide two different portraits. Two Portraits takes the form of a duet within a duet. As Schubert’s D965, the voice echo’s the clarinet and viceversa. Together they are part of a character, accompanied by the piano. Therefore, the voice part can be replaced easily by flute or oboe.

X. Hunfeld, Amstelveen, June 5, 2020

Their Silence
Clarinet in B flat or Clarinet in E flat (depending on the timbre of the voice)
Voice and  Piano

Clarinet in B flat and Piano

Thy Rhythmic Lover
Clarinet in B flat or Clarinet in E flat (depending on the timbre of the voice)
Voice and Piano

Standard: advanced (Advanced)
Duration:  c. 10.10 minutes


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