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Marcel Mule – “Le Patron” of the Saxophone

Marcel Mule – “Le Patron” of the Saxophone


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Available for the first time on CD – an historical collection by Marcel Mule – ‘Le Patron’ of the saxophone as he was known. Recorded between 1930 & 1940, Mule’s pioneering work throughout the electrical recording era acted as an inspiration to saxophone players throughout the world.

  • The highly attractive and entertaining Concertino de Camera by Ibert
  •  own arrangement of Ramaeu’s Gavotte
  • Albeniz popular Mule’s Sevilla
  • A performance by Mule’s mentor Francois Combelle, recorded in 1905
  • This valuable collection will give for many, the first opportunity to hear the greatest name in classical saxophone playing

“This disc does reveal what a splendid player Mule was – sweet tone dazzling fingering and real musicianship.”
American Record Guide

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Rameau/Mule – Gavotte, Roelens – Pavane et Menuet Vif, Fonse/Marie – La Tyrolienne, Foret – Patres, Genin/Combelle – Variations sur Marlborogh Demerssman Le Carnival de Venise (saxophone solo by Francois Combelle), Vellones – Concerto (Francis Cebron conductor), Valse Chromatique, Glazounov – Quatuor Theme & Scherzo, Bolzoni – Menuetto, Francaix – Serenade Comique, Ibert – Concertino de Camera (Phillipe Gaubert conductor), Pierne – Canzonetta, Ravel/Mule – Piece en Forme de Habanera, Drigo/Auer – Les Millions d’Arlequin, Serenade, Combelle – Esquisse, Bozza – Concertino (Eugene Bozza conductor), Albeniz – Sevilla, Cerisse – Cache-Cache, Bozza – Scherzo.

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Playing Time: 79 mins.

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CD + Full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac, Download 1 Jean Philippe Rameau: Gavotte, Download 2 Roelens: Pavane et Menuet Vif, Download 3 Fonse: La Tyrollene, Download 4 Foret:Patres, Download 5 Genin/Combelle: Variations, Download 6 Denersseman: La Carnival de Venise, Download 7 Vellones: Concerto (andante), Download 8 Vellones: Valse Chromatique, Download 9 Glazunov: Quatuor Theme et Scherzo, Download 10 Bolzoni: Menuetto, Download 11 Francaix: Serenade Comique, Download 12 Ibert: Concertino de Camera: I., Download 13 Ibert: Concertino de Camera: II., Download 14 Ibert: Concertino de Camera: III., Download 15 Pierne: Canzonetta, Download 16 Ravel/Muke: Piece en Forme de Habanera, Download 17 Drigo/Auer: Les Millions d'Arlequin, Download 18 Combelle: Esquisse, Download 19 Bozza: Concertino: I., Download 20 Bozza: Concertino: II., Download 21 Albeniz: Sevilla, Download 22 Clerisse: Cache-Cache, Download 23 Bozza: Scherzo


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