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Run, Sing, Fly

Run, Sing, Fly


Pierre Max Dubois Pièces Caractéristiques en Forme de Suite; Takashi yoshimatsu Fuzzy Bird Sonata; Claude Debussy Syrinx


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a programme of music for alto saxophone and piano

Sarah Markham – alto saxophone
Paul Turner – piano

Saxophone Classics Artistic Director Sarah Markham presents her debut CD for the label. This collection of largely programmatic music for saxophone spans musical eras, genres, and countries. The saxophone and piano are required to dance, serenade, mourn, depict fluffy clouds on a summer day, beautiful countryside and birds, as well as “run, sing, fly”.
• The saxophone depicts a bird running, singing, and flying in Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Fuzzy Bird Sonata.
• Paule Maurice’s music gives us her insight to the countryside of the Provence region of France.
• We hear the distinctive flavours of Spain, Russia, France, Hungary, and Paris in Pierre Max Dubois’s suite of characteristic pieces.
• Cirrus clouds and the Eurostar train feature in James Rae’s new Sonata – with this its world premiere recording.
• Richard Rodney Bennett’s Three Piece Suite cannot fail to charm with its light-hearted fun depiction of a melancholic samba, homage to Scott Joplin, and funk inspired fugal finale.

“As a performing duo, Sarah Markham and Paul Turner are incredible… the true magic is the way these two musicians work together to present the music. Sarah’s saxophone combined with Paul Turner’s piano, is an outstanding musical experience for everyone to enjoy.”

Markham skilfully combines the delicacy of the French style with the powerful vocality of the British.’

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