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York Bowen – Fantasy Quintet

York Bowen – Fantasy Quintet


Arguably one of the first works for bass clarinet and string quartet, this recording of the Fantasy Quintet by York Bowen is a rare gem of English romanticism in which the bass clarinet takes centre stage. Written at a time when the bass clarinet was still confined within an orchestral setting,

York Bowen’s Fantasy Quintet has gone on to influence and inspire future generations of composers. With an incredible tonal and dynamic range, agility, and musical depth synonymous with the cello in its ability to sustain a melodic line, the bass clarinet now enjoys status as a solo instrument.

This Digital Single, the first of a new series beautifully recorded using the expert facilities of Classical Media, will be coveted by collectors as well as new audiences in having the opportunity to
enjoy this glorious work. With few commercially available recordings of this work, this is a significant addition to the catalogue.

 Victoria Samek – Bass Clarinet with the Bingham String Quartet


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