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Flying Solo

Flying Solo


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Flying Solo – Music for Solo Clarinet

Janet Hilton celebrates her career of more than 50 years with a full CD of music for solo clarinet. The music for unaccompanied clarinet is rich and varied. This disk celebrates the wonderful sonority of the clarinet, the instrument whose colours and expressiveness are compared by many to those of the human voice, qualities in Janet’s playing that inspired the Financial Times to comment on its ‘rare lightness and grace, shaped with the freedom of a great singer.’

Janet Hilton has had a close association with many of the featured composers. Malcolm Arnold was a friend, who chose her to record his first clarinet concerto and also wrote his Octet for her. John Mayer was a colleague at Birmingham Conservatoire, where she gave the first performance of Sargam, here receiving its premiere recording. Edwin Roxburgh and Mark Anthony Turnage, like Janet, are closely associated with the Royal College of Music.

The CD includes music by other British composers, Richard Rodney Bennett, Lennox Berkeley and Gordon Crosse, by French composers Henri Tomasi and Louis Cahuzac and of would not be complete without the classics of the clarinet repertoire by Igor Stravinsky and Olivier Messaien.

  • Arnold: Fantasy for Clarinet Op.87
  • Edwin Roxburgh: Wordsworth Milniatures
  • Messaien: Quatuor Pour la Fin du Temps; Abime de Oiseaux
  • Anthony Turnage: 2 Memorials
  • Gordon Crosse: A year and a Day
  • Lennox Berkeley: Three Pieces for Clarinet
  • Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet
  • Rodney Bennett: Sonatina for Clarinet Solo
  • Louis Cahuzac: Arlequin
  • Henri Tomasi: Sonatine Attique
  • John Mayer: Sargam

Total Time: 78 minutes


‘Since I first heard her as a student, I have regarded Janet Hilton as our finest clarinettist’

‘Flying Solo is a real achievement and testament to Hilton’s prowess as a musician…an epic collection of well-juxtaposed and fascinating works’.


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CD + full download (mp3 & flac), Full download (mp3 & flac), Download 1 Arnold: Fantasy for Clarinet Op.87, Download 2 Edwin Roxburgh: Wordsworth Milniatures; Calm is the frgrant Air, Download 3 Edwin Roxburgh: Wordsworth Milniatures; Waters on a starry night, Download 4 Edwin Roxburgh: Wordsworth Milniatures; Thoughts that so often liee too deep for tears, Download 5 Edwin Roxburgh: Wordsworth Milniatures; The Cataracts blow their trumpets, Download 6 Messaien: Quatuor Pour la Fin du Temps; Abime de Oiseaux, Download 7 Anthony Turnage: 2 Memorials; Trier, Download 8 Anthony Turnage: 2 Memorials; Memorial, Download 9 Gordon Crosse: A year and a Day, Download 10 Lennox Berkeley: Three Pieces for Clarinet; Moderato (in tempo rubato), Download 11 Lennox Berkeley: Three Pieces for Clarinet; Lento, Download 12 Lennox Berkeley: Three Pieces for Clarinet; Allegro, Download 13 Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet; Sempre Piano e molto tranquilli, Download 14 Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet; 2, Download 15 Stravinsky: Three Pieces for Clarinet; 3, Download 16 Rodney Bennett: Sonatina for Clarinet Solo; Con Fuoco, Download 17 Rodney Bennett: Sonatina for Clarinet Solo; Night thoughts, Lento, Download 18 Rodney Bennett: Sonatina for Clarinet Solo; Scherzando, Download 19 Louis Cahuzac: Arlequin, Piece Catacteristique pour clarinette Seuile, Download 20 Henri Tomasi: Sonatine Attique; Giocoso, Download 21 Henri Tomasi: Sonatine Attique; Lento – Mysterieuz, Download 22 Henri Tomasi: Sonatine Attique; Giocoso tres Rythme, Download 23 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Malavishri (Afternoon), Download 24 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Todi (Sunrise), Download 25 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Ramapriya (Mela 52) (Early Evening), Download 26 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Khammaja (Night), Download 27 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Darbari – Kanada (Midnight), Download 28 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Paraj (After Midnight), Download 29 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Ahiri – Todi (Morning), Download 30 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Rat – Puriya ( Late Evening), Download 31 John Mayer: Sargam; Raga Nata (Late Afternoon)

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