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A Portrait of Alan Hacker

A Portrait of Alan Hacker


Alan Hacker (arr.) First Delphic Hymn 138 BC; Harrison Birtwistle Four Interludes for a Tragedy for basset clarinet and tape, Three Nocturnes; Crusell Quartet No. 2 in C minor op. 4 (first edition); Steve Beresford Avril Brisé;Carl Maria von Weber


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Playing Time: 79 mins.

A Portrait of Alan Hacker

Clarinet Classics is delighted to present a CD profile of one of the outstanding British clarinettists of the 20th century. A founder member of the Pierrot Players and the Fires of London, Alan Hacker’s playing astonished and delighted a generation of concert-goers and acted as an inspiration for many young players.

Maxwell Davies’ – Hymnos – a tour-de-force in a ground breaking performance by its dedicatee.

Birtwistle’s – Four Interludes for a Tragedy.

Maxwell Davies’ – Seven Brightnesses

Also included are Birtwistle’s Three Nocturnes from a private recording issued for the first time on this CD. As well as music by members of the ‘ Manchester School’ with which Alan Hacker is particularly associated, this fascinating collection also includes Crusell’s Quartet No 2 in its first edition and Weber’s virtuosic Grand Duo. Alan Hacker was a pioneer of the clarinet in the 60s and 70s whose impact can still be felt today.

‘A clarinet player and teacher who influenced a generation of players and composers; this CD is a tribute to his masterful playing with most of the works written or dedicated to Hacker. A must for all collectors of clarinet CDs.’

‘Clarinettist, teacher and conductor who overcame the constraints of a wheelchair to make music of thrilling and uncompromising beauty’.

Artist – Alan Hacker

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