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The Electric Saxophone

The Electric Saxophone


This is a unique disc of pieces which are not only compositionally strong, but also absorbing and exciting to listen to. Combined with Stephen Cottrell’s inspirational and authoritative playing, this programme of works for saxophone and electronics, entices the listener into a sound world which is entirely compelling.



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Stephen Cottrell

The Electric Saxophone is an intriguing and exciting collection of pieces for saxophone and tape/computer. Played by Stephen Cottrell, whose involvement in the world of electro-acoustic music goes back nearly two decades . The disc represents an impressive cross-section of musical styles.

  • Wayne Seagel’s funky Jackdaw.
  • Ian Dearden’s electronic inspired Lilt.
  • Javier Alvarez – On Going On.
  • Jonty Harrison’s classic EQ.
  • Will Gregory’s rousing Interference.

‘….energy charged and exciting, the saxophone continues to push the boundaries.’

‘This CD evokes a new world of electric acoustic sound…energy charged. The saxophone continues to push boundaries’.

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Playing Time: 57 mins.



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