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Rudy Wiedoeft – “Kreisler of the Saxophone”

Rudy Wiedoeft – “Kreisler of the Saxophone”


Rosebrook Saxophone Fantasie; Hager Danse Hongroise, Gloria; Nevin Narcissus; Drdla Souvenir; Yradier La Paloma; Gabriel-Marie La Cinquantaine, Sérénade Badine; Tchaikowsky Mélodie; Beethoven Minuet in G; Dawes Melody;


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Famous Solos from the 20s

Programme includes: Many compositions and arrangement by Rudy Wiedoeft; Nevin Narcissus; Rosebrook Saxophone Fantasie; Gabriel-Marie Serenade Badine; Beethoven Minuet in G.

Following the overwhelming public response to the publication of Marcel Mule – ‘Le Patron of the Saxophone’, Clarinet Classics now presents a programme from an even earlier period, and from the other side of the Atlantic.

In his short life, Rudy Wiedoeft recorded over 300 record sides for all the major labels – many being his own compositions – and imparted his own unique style to everything he did, influencing generations of saxophonists after him.

Rudy Wiedoefts‘ legacy to the musical world was not just a collection of compelling compositions and recordings, but the distinction of having introduced the saxophone as a serious voice in a truly innovative way and gaining for it a tremendous following.

Ethelbert Nevins’ delicious Narcissus.

Song of The Volga Boatmen arranged by Wiedoeft.

Described by the famous pianist Oscar Levant as “…..the world’s greatest saxophonist….”

‘…how wonderful it is now to have all these enhanced recordings together on CD!’

Full listing

Wiedoeft Llewellyn – Waltz, Rosebrook Saxophone Fantasie, Wiedoeft Saxema, Wiedoeft Valse Erica, Wiedoeft Saxarella, Hager/Ring Danse Hongroise, Wiedoeft Valse Vanite, Nevin Narcissus, Hager/Ring Gloria, Wiedoeft Sax-O-Phun, Drdla Souvenir, Yradier La Paloma, arr. Wiedoeft Song of the Volga Boatmen, Gabriel/Marie La Cinquantine, Serenade Badine, Tchaikovsky Melodie, Wiedoeft Valse Mazanetta, Beethoven/Wiedoeft Minuet in G, Dawes Melody, Drigo Serenade Les Millions d’Arlequin, Wiedoeft Sax Serene, Wiedoeft Valse Marilyn, Wiedoeft Valse Vanite, Wiedoeft/Savino Dans l’Orient, Wiedoeft/Frey Rubenola.

Playing Time:70 mins.

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