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JOHN HARLE plays…with John LenehanPiano

This timely re-release of a 1987 recording is the only recording of many of these works and features three commissioned works by Richard Rodney Bennett, Michael Berkeley and Dave Heath, all written for John Harle and his long time duo partner, John Lenehan.  Recorded alongside pieces by Phil Woods, the great Be-Bop alto saxophonist, and the Russian Edison Denisov. Phil Wood’s jazz club world, sits well with Bennett, and Heath’s demi-monde of influence from Harold Arlen to Miles Davis. Denisov and Berkeley are both cries from the soul; Denisov as an angry rant, coming from his own musical persecution in Russia, Berkeley utters the keen from the dead. All these works are performed with an intensity, technical brilliance and musical integrity by this Internationally acclaimed duo.

  • Phil Woods – Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano
  • Richard Rodney Bennett – Sonata for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
  • Dave Heath – Rumania
  • Edison Denisov – Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano
  • Michael Berkeley – Keening

John Harle saxophone John Lenehan piano

“… no-one is certainly doing more to extend the saxophone’s musically restricted repertoire.”
The Daily Telegraph

‘The five items on this disc are an excellent vehicle for Harle’s virtuoso eloquence: he does not play the saxophone, he soars on it…Lenehan is also a wonderful musician, and their partnership is magically sympathetic.’

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Playing Time: 68 mins.




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